Yard sale success

Hot doesn’t even begin to describe how it felt outside yesterday. The church yard sale started at 8am and was over around noon, to spare us from being outside under the sun in the Florida heat for too long. It’s funny you can spend hours at the beach and not really notice it, but those 4 hours at the church were exhausting. I had sweat coming out of every pore in my body, it was like a sauna. If I ever do another one of those, next time I’ll bring more water. Thankfully I did wear my sunscreen though, and the nice lady next to me, Gladys keep making sure that I re-applied since she bought sunscreen with her.

It was a nice sale though. The church charged a $20 donation per table which they had set lot behind the church building and had refreshments for sale. You could tell the people who had done this before since they had umbrellas, which is another thing I’ll bring if I ever do this again.

Almost everything I had with me sold, the last few items I just donated to the church. So minus the $20 donation and the $5 spent on water, lemonade and a hotdog I made a grand total of forty-five dollars and thirty-seven cents. It’s amazing how much people like to haggle over pennies. Watching Gladys was awesome, she can really negotiate a price. She’d be great to watch at an auction.

Equally amazing to me is that most of this stuff was clutter, things that we didn’t want any longer. A lot of it arrived dusty, some things were broken or chipped and yet people treated our castaways as if they were the deal of the century. It’s true one man’s junk is another one’s treasure.

I did buy one thing at the sale though besides food, I bought a rosebush. Walking past it just had the nicest smell to it. Wish I could share it but aroma vision has yet to be invented.



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