Everything that irritates us about others can les us to understanding about ourselves.

So in keeping with my fortune cookie theme I’ve decided to look at all of the little behaviors that have been irritating me lately and see if I can overcome them and see the bright side of things.

My sister and her constant meddling makes me crazy, because she trying to replace my deceased parents. My parents had me later in life and both passed away, I think that’s she feels responsible for me and my brothers since she’s the oldest and she worries.

Amelie seems to need constant attention from her friends now, she won’t just sit down and deal with what’s going on.

My older brother Marc seems to think that I’m wasted my life and constantly feels the need to criticize everything that I do. He makes me feel like an irresponsible child instead of a growing adult, who’s still learning.

His twin, my brother, Jason is the one that only calls family when he needs something.

I find most of my coworkers to be lazy and unwilling to do our jobs, which none of us really likes, but that we’re all getting paid for.

Jillie has a free spirit that annoys me as much as I love it, in fact it’s one of her best qualities.


The same can be said about all of the aforementioned, I like to think that my family loves me and my sister’s meddling and my brother’s critiquing are done because they care. I love them and if Jason proves anything it’s that you help out the people you care for in the best way you know how.Both Jason and Amelie teach me that everyone heals in their own way. My coworkers always remind me of what not to do on the job, and are inspiring me to find a new job.

So while I’m sure that there are a lot more things about family, friends, and coworkers that irritate me, I take this fortune to remind me not to judge others so harshly and to remember that we’re all human. Also, to point out all of the qualities that irritate me, would make me feel judgmental, thereby making me irritated with myself. So this fortune also reminds me that we all see things differently and that there are two sides to everything.


Enjoy nature

In keeping with my enjoying nature fortune, I decided to get up early this morning and I wanted to share what I saw with all of you… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Go to a park, Enjoy nature

As was expected, Ami broke up with her boyfriend, and has been dragging all of her guy friends and girlfriends out on a non stop social wheel. Every night weekends included she’s had us doing something. On Monday there was trivia, on Tuesday we had battle of the sexes, Wednesday was wine down Wednesday, Thursday was ladies night and on the weekends we’ve been to Tampa/St Pete‘s and the Florida keys. It’s hard to say whether she’s making up for lost timing or just trying not to think about her breakup, I can say that it’s been hell on my wallet and budget.

I’m still learning how to say the word no, and haven’t quite achieved it yet. I have improved though, last night I wanted some “me” time and didn’t want to go to a bar or club, so we followed the words of my fortune cookie and ended up at a park. In a weird way both of us won. Amelie didn’t have to deal with being alone yet and my wallet received a much-needed break.

I’ve always had a few girlfriends that disappear when they fall in love with the love of their life only to reappear when that love goes sour and they find themselves alone. One of the things i like about Amelie is that she was never one of those girls, so wrapped up in him that she neglected all of her friends. She’s always understood the importance keeping her friends and maintaining those relationships. She’s always made sure to have a girls night and go to lunch and she did it without dragging her ex along, which is why it’s easier to be there for her now.


Last night I did make a new friend though, I decided to call him Pete… He was so cute and not skittish at all. Maybe he can be my new shinning knight in armor. He stopped eating to follow us for a bit.


He definitely helped me to follow my fortune, “Go to a park, Enjoy nature”. After a few minutes he was very bored with us and our giggling so we parted as friends. I think he was disappointed that Amelie and I did not have any food for him. Who knows maybe we’ll meet again, so for now it’s onto the next fortune can’t wait to see what that is. Good bye Pete.

Pleasant, talented, attractive personalities will cross your life & spark your imagination

For two days in a row I’ve woken up to sore, tired, achy muscles, and once again Amelie is at fault. Yes, I realize that I am an adult capable of making my own decisions and thus responsible for my own actions, but I also know that I wouldn’t have gone out drinking wine last night had she not invited me. Anyway, Amelie said she really wanted to go, so I agreed and invited my neighbor Jilly who brought a friend of hers Isabel, some wine, some socializing, some girl talk…

It started out innocently enough, we girls were going to a wine your week down happy hour at one of those trendy bar restaurants which turns into a club where they have wine flights, and samples of different tapas and various hors d’oeuvre.

Some people were leaving just as we got there so we were lucky enough to get a table, because that place was crowded with all types of people. As soon as we sat down Isabel was flirting with our waiter, Jilly saw some guys that she knew, so they stopped over and Amelie had fun flirting with them, while yours truly was completely tongue-tied. I’m learning how to speak up more, but it’s hard to overcome being shy sometimes, unless someone fills you with liquid courage.

One or two drinks is fine for me, but more than that and I’m drunk, I’m definitely a light weight. My friend Sam always said they are basically six types of drunks, the happy drunk, the angry drunk, the sad drunk, horny drunk, quiet drunk, and talkative drunk. I’m a happy talkative drunk, normally I quiet unless I’m around friends which makes sense since I’m shy.

From what I understand I was quite talkative last night, normally people with business cards intimidate me a bit but somehow I managed to meet a lot of new people as you can see. I was told somewhere in my pile of business cards there was a children’s book editor that I told my dream of writing children’s books too. Also somewhere in my stack was a very cute guy from Norway, but my memory of that is still a bit fuzzy.


So I’m still living up to my living by fortune cookies only I wish my body didn’t ache so much today. Thankfully I do have a massage schedule for tomorrow, can’t wait to see how that goes. Hopefully I can relax enough to enjoy it.

Rub a dub dub….

So after a miserable day at work my friend, Amelie, invited me to work out at her complex since they offer free fitness classes in the gym for residents. She wanted to work out and vent due to an argument with her boyfriend and on Wednesday nights they offer a “Yo-Pilates” class that actually makes you hurt the next day. We ended up having a grueling work out followed by girl talk over green iced tea.

As much as I would love to be in a relationship now, I know I’m a mess and listening to her made me wonder why she was in one as well. While I’m sure he has his good points, her latest rant makes him sound like a control freak who’s possible cheated on her. Why stay with someone like that? Of course I kept my mouth shut and didn’t voice that question but still…

This is why most of your friends and family members don’t like the people you date and marry, you tell them about all of the things they do to hurt you. I’m sure in Amelie’s case he’s done some pretty nice things or else they wouldn’t be dating, especially considering how picky she is.

Anyway, after the work out and girl talk I decided to follow-up on my latest fortune:


So tonight I’m going to have the tub and sometime this weekend I’m going to use my gift massage. Would you believe that I’ve never had a massage before? It always seemed too indulgent to buy one for myself, but my sister gave me one for my birthday in March, and the fortune cookie reminded me that I had it. I’m sure my muscle are going to hurt tomorrow, so bath for now and I’ll tell you how the massage goes later.

Guilty pleasures worth saving

Recently I’ve come to realize my love of ice cream and doughnuts doesn’t just sabotage my waist, it’s also sabotaging my diet.

Some of my coworkers and I were talking today about how expensive groceries are getting and how much we spend on things in general. In my case clothes and food are my two main extravagant indulgences.

I’m not a shoe girl like Carrie, but I love my skirts. I love the way they sway, I like the fabrics, and the fact that I live in Florida and shorts are inappropriate for work makes them a bonus. Since I’ve decreased my wardrobe, I noticed a few of my old favorites fit a little snugger around my waist. While I’d like to say that extra tension is due to feminine bloating that little internal voice is saying not all of it.

There’s just something about that little neon hot now sign that beckons me to go and get doughnuts that melt in your mouth when they’re warm. It wouldn’t be so bad if I would only eat 1 or 2, but when those are soft and warm you can inhale half a dozen before you even realize it.

Ice cream is the other temptation that’s hard to resist. My favorite flavor is anything that has chocolate in it, chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and coconut, Carmel, marshmallow raspberry…. Anything with chocolate. It’s the perfect snack for someone living in a state where summer starts in March and doesn’t end until October.

I can’t say that I’m given up my favorite sweets completely, but I’m definitely going to cut back on them a bit and instead pick up those objects or torture that most people like to call roller blades. Actually I can’t say I didn’t have any fun blading, it was just the stopping that was hard on me.

Filling spaces

This morning while brushing my teeth I was walking around my apartment noticing how much lighter it felt. There’s room in my closets, the drawers are no longer over flowing with knick knacks, my bookshelves can be artfully arranged with spaces in between and all of those useless gifts that I could never find use for have hopefully found new homes. It’s truly as if a weight has been lifted from me and my place, similar to how it feels to shed the luggage off of your shoulders and back after a long trip.

The funny thing about this is I have a strong desire to buy things and fill some of those now empty spaces. I’m not sure if it’s my compulsive need to shop or if it’s just normal to want to fill empty voids. Still trying to pay down some bills so that’s not going to happen and I also received another fortune about saving…


Guess that was someone out there’s way of telling me no shopping. My friend Jilly told me to take an old jar and just start keeping all of my spare change in it… She said to always pay cash and not to spend the loose change. We’ll see how that adds up.

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