Pleasant, talented, attractive personalities will cross your life & spark your imagination

For two days in a row I’ve woken up to sore, tired, achy muscles, and once again Amelie is at fault. Yes, I realize that I am an adult capable of making my own decisions and thus responsible for my own actions, but I also know that I wouldn’t have gone out drinking wine last night had she not invited me. Anyway, Amelie said she really wanted to go, so I agreed and invited my neighbor Jilly who brought a friend of hers Isabel, some wine, some socializing, some girl talk…

It started out innocently enough, we girls were going to a wine your week down happy hour at one of those trendy bar restaurants which turns into a club where they have wine flights, and samples of different tapas and various hors d’oeuvre.

Some people were leaving just as we got there so we were lucky enough to get a table, because that place was crowded with all types of people. As soon as we sat down Isabel was flirting with our waiter, Jilly saw some guys that she knew, so they stopped over and Amelie had fun flirting with them, while yours truly was completely tongue-tied. I’m learning how to speak up more, but it’s hard to overcome being shy sometimes, unless someone fills you with liquid courage.

One or two drinks is fine for me, but more than that and I’m drunk, I’m definitely a light weight. My friend Sam always said they are basically six types of drunks, the happy drunk, the angry drunk, the sad drunk, horny drunk, quiet drunk, and talkative drunk. I’m a happy talkative drunk, normally I quiet unless I’m around friends which makes sense since I’m shy.

From what I understand I was quite talkative last night, normally people with business cards intimidate me a bit but somehow I managed to meet a lot of new people as you can see. I was told somewhere in my pile of business cards there was a children’s book editor that I told my dream of writing children’s books too. Also somewhere in my stack was a very cute guy from Norway, but my memory of that is still a bit fuzzy.


So I’m still living up to my living by fortune cookies only I wish my body didn’t ache so much today. Thankfully I do have a massage schedule for tomorrow, can’t wait to see how that goes. Hopefully I can relax enough to enjoy it.


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