I can breathe again…

Let there be air conditioning, can I just say one more time that one of the worst things is to be stuck in Florida without air conditioning. Last time my air went out due to a storm, this time there was a problem with the fan. Both times I was hot and miserable, this time I was tempted to crash on Jilly’s couch. Living in Florida air is a necessity, it’s easier to sleep at night and in getting my hair ready for work in the morning. Thankfully last night wasn’t too hot and it was fixed today.


Unfortunately like the saying goes when it rain it pours, my car insurance bill is due by the 25th this month and I just got into a car accident. Wasn’t my fault but Florida is considered a no fault state, so we’ll see how this works. I was hit by someone while my car was parked, thankfully they left a note, but it’s still a bit aggravating having to deal with rental car agencies and insurance companies.

On a bright spot I have a quasi date tonight with Jason, today I’m introducing him to my friends. Tonight would be one of my normal happy hours with friends, so I checked with all parties involved and everyone seems ok with him being there. I’m a little nervous but I think everyone should like him, he always has the manners of a true southern gentlemen. Our first date together was an impromptu bowling date and he brought me daisies.

He holds the doors, he says ma’am and sir to his elders, and is respectful of anyone waiting on us. Part of me really wonders why he’s single and the other part is saying don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. He was engaged once like me, he said that they realized before getting married that they wanted different things out of life.

Before I forget this week’s fortune was, “You will inherit an unexpected sum of money within the year”. While I could use the money inheriting is not a good thing for me, even though I gain something I had to lose someone in the process.


Fingers crossed that everyone is healthy and happy and that all goes well tonight with my friends and my beau. It’s kind of nice saying that, haven’t used that word or anything like it in a while. Regardless of how things go tonight, he’s not meeting the family any time soon, one step at a time right. Wish me luck.


One step at a time

“Reading your fortune out loud will bring you good luck“. All I can say is that I hope so because right now things are good and they haven’t always been that way. Right now my family’s healthy, I have good friends, I’m on budget and I have a guy that I’m seeing, since things are going well with Jason.

In the last five years I’ve lost both parents, racked up a lot of credit card debt and survived a broken engagement and those were just the highlights. I also gained some weight and in the process found out who my true friends were. So please forgive me my happiness and don’t take it for gloating when I say that things are going good right now.

On a much lighter note I did open up another one of those gum-ball fortunes… “work is like eggnog on your mashed potatoes

I think that someone really likes eggs and I could go for some mashed potatoes.


Found something kind of interesting at a boutique this weekend, “Fortune Gumballs” …


Jilly felt like visit some friends in Orlando and I tagged along for the ride.

We were able to take a little stroll around the downtown area have brunch and get some gelato


Then I spotted these cute little gems in a store, while the gum is not my favorite I love the fortunes, so far… “Don’t confuse love with egg salad.”


To be continued

I’ve missed the online WordPress community and my blog, who knew that e-dating would take up so much time. Between the messaging, the phone calls and the meeting in person online dating feels like a full-time job. Unfortunately none of my prospects have yielded any results, in fact they remind me why I haven’t dated in a while.

There was my disaster date Eric who seemed like a nice guy whom I’d have a lot in common with since we had great phone conversations. I pulled up to the restaurant that we were meeting at a little after him and saw him spray himself with a horrible smelling baby powder cologne. It went completely downhill from there. He kept texting someone else on our date, then again I didn’t want that smell to rub off on me. If it weren’t for Eric I never would have believed Ami’s theory on smell.

Ami claimed that unless you like the way a man or woman smells its doomed for the start. She said that there have been several studies on the subject and that your perfect partner will have a scent all their own despite cologne and lotions. Then there was something about smell and chemistry, but you’d need to talk to her on that subject.

My next bad date was meeting for drinks, with a guy who was recently divorced, and seemed like hated women because of it. He basically cursed his ex-wife through out our whole date even telling me that she got pregnant on purpose. Strangely enough he wanted to go to dinner afterwards.


After that there were a couple of just ok dates and there was one bright spot, Jason. Jason was cute and fun, he even wore purple. Our first date was a bowling date and he was ok with me beating him. I’m not the type of girl who will just let a guy win or act stupid, but you don’t want to hear about that. Jason physically was my perfect type of guy, great height and not too skinny, not too fat. His arms looked like they’d be perfect for hugs and cuddling. He made me laugh so much during bowling that I even agreed to go to dinner.

At dinner Jason and I laughed and joked all while getting to know each other, it didn’t even have an awkward interview feel. He flirted and I flirted and there was a tiny little kiss at the end of the date which gave me butterflies. We’ve agreed to see each other again, instead of saying he’ll call me he actually made plans for another date and yes I will wear purple….

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