Sweet temptations….

So I’ve been trying to get I shape lately in more ways than one. I’ve been working on my budget and saving as opposed to spending which has improved, only taking money from the spare change jar and the eBay funds when I need it. I’ve also been working out more by going to yoga classes with Amelie and Jilly is helping me with my rollerblading. It seems only natural that the next area I would try to improve would be my diet, unfortunately I love sweets, chocolate in particular. I’m going to try to apply my latest fortune “do not mistake temptation for opportunity” to this…
I’m not a skinny Minnie like my sister, who looks amazing for any age even after having a few kids, but I do have a couple of extra pounds that seem to gather at my thighs and middle. It doesn’t help that I have one of those jobs where there’s always a cake or pizza party for someone, and people love selling their children’s candy bars, cookies and popcorn. In fact this Friday we have a potluck…ugh lots and lots of carbs, plates loaded down with things you normally would not touch but eat as to not offend someone.

On the one hand I absolutely abhor potlucks, but on the other hand the desserts and my coworker’s buffalo chicken meatballs. My mouth salivates at the thought of those savory little temptations covered in hot sauce. Then she makes a dip out of equal parts Greek yogurt and blue cheese crumbles, healthy and bad for you at the same time, but I digress.

How can someone avoid, something that tastes so good? How do you resist tempting treats like this?

Then again if I want to get in shape and get rid of the extra pounds and muffin top I guess I’m going to have to learn. More fruits and veggies and less chocolate and Pringle’s. More saving and less spending.


Guilty pleasures worth saving

Recently I’ve come to realize my love of ice cream and doughnuts doesn’t just sabotage my waist, it’s also sabotaging my diet.

Some of my coworkers and I were talking today about how expensive groceries are getting and how much we spend on things in general. In my case clothes and food are my two main extravagant indulgences.

I’m not a shoe girl like Carrie, but I love my skirts. I love the way they sway, I like the fabrics, and the fact that I live in Florida and shorts are inappropriate for work makes them a bonus. Since I’ve decreased my wardrobe, I noticed a few of my old favorites fit a little snugger around my waist. While I’d like to say that extra tension is due to feminine bloating that little internal voice is saying not all of it.

There’s just something about that little neon hot now sign that beckons me to go and get doughnuts that melt in your mouth when they’re warm. It wouldn’t be so bad if I would only eat 1 or 2, but when those are soft and warm you can inhale half a dozen before you even realize it.

Ice cream is the other temptation that’s hard to resist. My favorite flavor is anything that has chocolate in it, chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and coconut, Carmel, marshmallow raspberry…. Anything with chocolate. It’s the perfect snack for someone living in a state where summer starts in March and doesn’t end until October.

I can’t say that I’m given up my favorite sweets completely, but I’m definitely going to cut back on them a bit and instead pick up those objects or torture that most people like to call roller blades. Actually I can’t say I didn’t have any fun blading, it was just the stopping that was hard on me.

Filling spaces

This morning while brushing my teeth I was walking around my apartment noticing how much lighter it felt. There’s room in my closets, the drawers are no longer over flowing with knick knacks, my bookshelves can be artfully arranged with spaces in between and all of those useless gifts that I could never find use for have hopefully found new homes. It’s truly as if a weight has been lifted from me and my place, similar to how it feels to shed the luggage off of your shoulders and back after a long trip.

The funny thing about this is I have a strong desire to buy things and fill some of those now empty spaces. I’m not sure if it’s my compulsive need to shop or if it’s just normal to want to fill empty voids. Still trying to pay down some bills so that’s not going to happen and I also received another fortune about saving…


Guess that was someone out there’s way of telling me no shopping. My friend Jilly told me to take an old jar and just start keeping all of my spare change in it… She said to always pay cash and not to spend the loose change. We’ll see how that adds up.

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