Found something kind of interesting at a boutique this weekend, “Fortune Gumballs” …


Jilly felt like visit some friends in Orlando and I tagged along for the ride.

We were able to take a little stroll around the downtown area have brunch and get some gelato


Then I spotted these cute little gems in a store, while the gum is not my favorite I love the fortunes, so far… “Don’t confuse love with egg salad.”



Let the games begin

Online dating should come with a warning label, beware of what you might meet.
I heard from friends that people don’t tell the truth on their profiles, but wow. My latest fortune told me to “do something unusual tomorrow” so I had two dates scheduled for this past weekend I read their profiles and we chatted for a bit, but they were nothing like their profiles.

For starters I’d like to date someone close to my age, I think I’d have more in common with a guy in his twenties maybe early thirties, then with someone I their forties. It is not meant to be an ageist type of thing, it’s just that I’m trying to get myself established. I’m just starting to stand on my own two feet and I’d prefer not to hear when I was your age from the guy I date.


Bachelor number one completely lied about his age. We had a date scheduled for Friday, nothing big, just drinks and maybe some tapas. The restaurant choice was perfect. I’ve always wanted to go to Spain and this place was styled after a Spanish restaurant complete with flamenco dancers. My clothes made me feel good, I was having a very good hair day and my shoes were cute and comfortable. So far everything sounds good only my date was supposed to be in his twenties and was old enough to have a twenty year old.

It was already off to a bad start and I was trying to be polite and at least have one drink, when he said the words, “when I was your age….”. Yuck, that sounds like something my dad would have said when he was alive. On a bright note I did find a new restaurant that I like and will definitely have to go back to.

The second guy well, he just seemed nothing like the guy online. The guy that I chatted with online seemed outgoing and his profile made him sound like someone who likes to be active. The guy that I met for brunch on Sunday was quiet, and by quiet I mean getting him to talk was like pulling teeth. He said he liked camping and the outdoors, but the last time he went was when he was 10. He loved sports, only hadn’t played any since high school unless you include video games. He seemed like a nice guy but we really didn’t have anything in common in person.

I know I’m not perfect and actually can admit most of my faults very easily, but I’m honest. My online profile has my real age, my real body type (curvy, I’m still working on getting rid of 20 pounds), and my real activities, minus the blog. I admit I had a few rough years and am paying for them. I admit I’m still working on the while budget thing and was actual very close this month. I admit I haven’t found my dream job but I had an idea for a few children’s books, however I digress. Based on this weekend I’ll be single for a little while longer. All I can say is that I hope my dates get better, although bad dates would be perfect to write about, so stay tuned more to come.

Sweet temptations….

So I’ve been trying to get I shape lately in more ways than one. I’ve been working on my budget and saving as opposed to spending which has improved, only taking money from the spare change jar and the eBay funds when I need it. I’ve also been working out more by going to yoga classes with Amelie and Jilly is helping me with my rollerblading. It seems only natural that the next area I would try to improve would be my diet, unfortunately I love sweets, chocolate in particular. I’m going to try to apply my latest fortune “do not mistake temptation for opportunity” to this…
I’m not a skinny Minnie like my sister, who looks amazing for any age even after having a few kids, but I do have a couple of extra pounds that seem to gather at my thighs and middle. It doesn’t help that I have one of those jobs where there’s always a cake or pizza party for someone, and people love selling their children’s candy bars, cookies and popcorn. In fact this Friday we have a potluck…ugh lots and lots of carbs, plates loaded down with things you normally would not touch but eat as to not offend someone.

On the one hand I absolutely abhor potlucks, but on the other hand the desserts and my coworker’s buffalo chicken meatballs. My mouth salivates at the thought of those savory little temptations covered in hot sauce. Then she makes a dip out of equal parts Greek yogurt and blue cheese crumbles, healthy and bad for you at the same time, but I digress.

How can someone avoid, something that tastes so good? How do you resist tempting treats like this?

Then again if I want to get in shape and get rid of the extra pounds and muffin top I guess I’m going to have to learn. More fruits and veggies and less chocolate and Pringle’s. More saving and less spending.

Found the fountain of youth



One of my fortunes over the weekend read, “Adventure can be a real happiness”. So my neighbor, Jilly and I decided to visit the Dali museum in St. Petersburg. I had not been able to go to it since they opened the new one and going on a mini road trip with Jilly sounded like fun.

We packed our beach bags and hopped on I275 with the tourist and the snow-birds to enjoy a day at the museum and then a stop over at the beach. The good thing about living in Florida is that just because it’s raining where you live, that doesn’t mean it’ll be raining where you end up at. The bad thing about living in Florida is the vast amount of people on the freeways that don’t know how to drive. I say this since it was raining when we left home and we almost didn’t make it there because of horrible traffic and people who forgot basic driving rules.


The Dali museum was beautiful and strange at the same time. There was a flowing mixture of glass that seemed to swirl out while the concrete form seemed to be a perfect square. To get into the museum you walk past what almost appears to be coral fountains and thru the gift shop. From there you ascend a spiral stair case where the art work is housed into separate wings.



I’ve never been an art critic and can’t really stomach the idea of art history classes, I look at a piece of art and just want pretty, but walking through that museum really makes you think he was brilliant and crazy at the same time. Jilly is the one who paints and she was in heaven, she kept talking about brush strokes and use of colors, blending and techniques. I just had fun looking at the creations of someone who was probably a bit crazy. They didn’t let you take pictures in the galleries so I have none of those to post, but there was a really cool bench outside.


Also on the way out we found this, the fountain of youth


After that a stop off at a wonderful Gelato spot, Paciugo. If you are ever in the area it’s worth a trip, I love ice cream but this was so much better. From there it was onto the beach at Fort Desoto, which is hands down one of my favorite beaches in this state, it’s not too crowded and the water is usually perfect. If Ami had come with us, she would have made us go to Clearwater so that she could find some guys to flirt with and a few places for cocktails, but Jilly just wanted a little R&R. So we had gentle waves, hot sun and soft sandy beaches. It ended up being the perfect little adventure.



More then lottery numbers…

Since I’ve been trying to take the advice of these little cookies for a few weeks now I figured it would be nice to do a little research on them…

Did you know that fortune cookies were actually a Japanese not Chinese invention? Fortune cookies are said to have originated in Kyoto, Japan somewhere around the 19th century. Omikuji as they were/are called would carry a general blessing and fortune about some area of a person’s life. Then some time between late 1890 to early 1900s they were introduced to the US by way of California and later modified to look more like what we’ve come to know as a fortune cookie. Somewhere along the way they became a staple in Americanized Chinese restaurants and contained sayings and advice from all over including Confucius and the bible to name a few.

Who knew?


Go to a park, Enjoy nature

As was expected, Ami broke up with her boyfriend, and has been dragging all of her guy friends and girlfriends out on a non stop social wheel. Every night weekends included she’s had us doing something. On Monday there was trivia, on Tuesday we had battle of the sexes, Wednesday was wine down Wednesday, Thursday was ladies night and on the weekends we’ve been to Tampa/St Pete‘s and the Florida keys. It’s hard to say whether she’s making up for lost timing or just trying not to think about her breakup, I can say that it’s been hell on my wallet and budget.

I’m still learning how to say the word no, and haven’t quite achieved it yet. I have improved though, last night I wanted some “me” time and didn’t want to go to a bar or club, so we followed the words of my fortune cookie and ended up at a park. In a weird way both of us won. Amelie didn’t have to deal with being alone yet and my wallet received a much-needed break.

I’ve always had a few girlfriends that disappear when they fall in love with the love of their life only to reappear when that love goes sour and they find themselves alone. One of the things i like about Amelie is that she was never one of those girls, so wrapped up in him that she neglected all of her friends. She’s always understood the importance keeping her friends and maintaining those relationships. She’s always made sure to have a girls night and go to lunch and she did it without dragging her ex along, which is why it’s easier to be there for her now.


Last night I did make a new friend though, I decided to call him Pete… He was so cute and not skittish at all. Maybe he can be my new shinning knight in armor. He stopped eating to follow us for a bit.


He definitely helped me to follow my fortune, “Go to a park, Enjoy nature”. After a few minutes he was very bored with us and our giggling so we parted as friends. I think he was disappointed that Amelie and I did not have any food for him. Who knows maybe we’ll meet again, so for now it’s onto the next fortune can’t wait to see what that is. Good bye Pete.

Pleasant, talented, attractive personalities will cross your life & spark your imagination

For two days in a row I’ve woken up to sore, tired, achy muscles, and once again Amelie is at fault. Yes, I realize that I am an adult capable of making my own decisions and thus responsible for my own actions, but I also know that I wouldn’t have gone out drinking wine last night had she not invited me. Anyway, Amelie said she really wanted to go, so I agreed and invited my neighbor Jilly who brought a friend of hers Isabel, some wine, some socializing, some girl talk…

It started out innocently enough, we girls were going to a wine your week down happy hour at one of those trendy bar restaurants which turns into a club where they have wine flights, and samples of different tapas and various hors d’oeuvre.

Some people were leaving just as we got there so we were lucky enough to get a table, because that place was crowded with all types of people. As soon as we sat down Isabel was flirting with our waiter, Jilly saw some guys that she knew, so they stopped over and Amelie had fun flirting with them, while yours truly was completely tongue-tied. I’m learning how to speak up more, but it’s hard to overcome being shy sometimes, unless someone fills you with liquid courage.

One or two drinks is fine for me, but more than that and I’m drunk, I’m definitely a light weight. My friend Sam always said they are basically six types of drunks, the happy drunk, the angry drunk, the sad drunk, horny drunk, quiet drunk, and talkative drunk. I’m a happy talkative drunk, normally I quiet unless I’m around friends which makes sense since I’m shy.

From what I understand I was quite talkative last night, normally people with business cards intimidate me a bit but somehow I managed to meet a lot of new people as you can see. I was told somewhere in my pile of business cards there was a children’s book editor that I told my dream of writing children’s books too. Also somewhere in my stack was a very cute guy from Norway, but my memory of that is still a bit fuzzy.


So I’m still living up to my living by fortune cookies only I wish my body didn’t ache so much today. Thankfully I do have a massage schedule for tomorrow, can’t wait to see how that goes. Hopefully I can relax enough to enjoy it.

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