They liked him

It seems like so much has happened since I last blogged. It’s kind of scary but I think I’m starting to fall in love already. I know it seems soon and kind of sudden, but the signs are there. I’m happy almost all of the time. I stop and listen to the birds when jog in the mornings. I have started jogging in the morning, actually we jog in the morning. Food tastes better and everything seems brighter. While I realize some might call it infatuation being a romantic at heart I like to think it’s the start of falling in love.

My friends got a chance to meet my guy and everyone actually got along. It was almost like the first day of school and show & tell rolled into one you know that excited, nervous feeling of can’t wait. He told a few really corny jokes which made me want to cringe, but he was charming and they liked him.

He got along well with my guy friends and they had fun talking about sports, I tuned out of that conversation… I can tell you who a few well-known athletes are and my local teams, but rules and stats, forget it. Amelie and Jilly mentioned that they liked how comfortable and relaxed he was, which makes for a good balance since I have a ton of energy and like to stay busy.

Since then we’ve all hung out a few more times and I met his friends which was also a bit scary, he took me cosmic bowling with his friends. They were so cool, they cracked a few jokes, told me some old stories and didn’t make fun of my horrible bowling skills. I have fun bowling but I really suck at it, true story I’m so bad I’ve gotten a gutter ball on the first frame using bumpers.

Would you believe his friends and my friends have hung out as well. We all went ice skating the other day to beat the heat. Yes Florida has indoor ice skating rinks, we even have a hockey team.

Everyone got along, my friends and his friends all acted like a bunch of little kids on the rink, but what makes it funny is that the little kids around us were better than we were. We were falling while the kids were skating circles and zipping by us.

While we all had a good time what’s nice is that we’re both doing a good job of balancing and blending, we spend a lot of time hanging out together but I still have time for my friends and he has time for his. I love spending time with him, but I don’t want to lose my friends in the process. I don’t want to jinx it by saying perfect but…

On separate note my latest fortunes have been repeats but I still have the gum… I hope I don’t regret my current hair style.


Will definitely keep you informed of any new developments, but for now I’m enjoying the fact that life is good.


Everything that irritates us about others can les us to understanding about ourselves.

So in keeping with my fortune cookie theme I’ve decided to look at all of the little behaviors that have been irritating me lately and see if I can overcome them and see the bright side of things.

My sister and her constant meddling makes me crazy, because she trying to replace my deceased parents. My parents had me later in life and both passed away, I think that’s she feels responsible for me and my brothers since she’s the oldest and she worries.

Amelie seems to need constant attention from her friends now, she won’t just sit down and deal with what’s going on.

My older brother Marc seems to think that I’m wasted my life and constantly feels the need to criticize everything that I do. He makes me feel like an irresponsible child instead of a growing adult, who’s still learning.

His twin, my brother, Jason is the one that only calls family when he needs something.

I find most of my coworkers to be lazy and unwilling to do our jobs, which none of us really likes, but that we’re all getting paid for.

Jillie has a free spirit that annoys me as much as I love it, in fact it’s one of her best qualities.


The same can be said about all of the aforementioned, I like to think that my family loves me and my sister’s meddling and my brother’s critiquing are done because they care. I love them and if Jason proves anything it’s that you help out the people you care for in the best way you know how.Both Jason and Amelie teach me that everyone heals in their own way. My coworkers always remind me of what not to do on the job, and are inspiring me to find a new job.

So while I’m sure that there are a lot more things about family, friends, and coworkers that irritate me, I take this fortune to remind me not to judge others so harshly and to remember that we’re all human. Also, to point out all of the qualities that irritate me, would make me feel judgmental, thereby making me irritated with myself. So this fortune also reminds me that we all see things differently and that there are two sides to everything.

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