To be continued

I’ve missed the online WordPress community and my blog, who knew that e-dating would take up so much time. Between the messaging, the phone calls and the meeting in person online dating feels like a full-time job. Unfortunately none of my prospects have yielded any results, in fact they remind me why I haven’t dated in a while.

There was my disaster date Eric who seemed like a nice guy whom I’d have a lot in common with since we had great phone conversations. I pulled up to the restaurant that we were meeting at a little after him and saw him spray himself with a horrible smelling baby powder cologne. It went completely downhill from there. He kept texting someone else on our date, then again I didn’t want that smell to rub off on me. If it weren’t for Eric I never would have believed Ami’s theory on smell.

Ami claimed that unless you like the way a man or woman smells its doomed for the start. She said that there have been several studies on the subject and that your perfect partner will have a scent all their own despite cologne and lotions. Then there was something about smell and chemistry, but you’d need to talk to her on that subject.

My next bad date was meeting for drinks, with a guy who was recently divorced, and seemed like hated women because of it. He basically cursed his ex-wife through out our whole date even telling me that she got pregnant on purpose. Strangely enough he wanted to go to dinner afterwards.


After that there were a couple of just ok dates and there was one bright spot, Jason. Jason was cute and fun, he even wore purple. Our first date was a bowling date and he was ok with me beating him. I’m not the type of girl who will just let a guy win or act stupid, but you don’t want to hear about that. Jason physically was my perfect type of guy, great height and not too skinny, not too fat. His arms looked like they’d be perfect for hugs and cuddling. He made me laugh so much during bowling that I even agreed to go to dinner.

At dinner Jason and I laughed and joked all while getting to know each other, it didn’t even have an awkward interview feel. He flirted and I flirted and there was a tiny little kiss at the end of the date which gave me butterflies. We’ve agreed to see each other again, instead of saying he’ll call me he actually made plans for another date and yes I will wear purple….


Rain, rain go away…



I hate to say that I’m a fair weather friend, but honestly there are times that I just want to stay in because it’s raining. Before anyone tries to pass judgement keep in mind I live in Florida where rain is usually accompanied by thunder and it’s slightly more dangerous friend, lightning.

While Florida is not the lightning capital of the world, Rwanda has that distinction, Florida is considering to be the lightning capital of America. My state doesn’t lead the list of per capita deaths by lightning strikes, last time I checked New Mexico topped that list. We rank somewhere around fifth, but still a lot of people die from that and I hope not to be one of them.

No going to yoga because of the long walk from Amelie‘s apartment to the clubhouse. Also not in the mood for ladies night at the cowboy place, since the floor would already be muddy even before most people have a chance to spill their drinks on it. So that means I’m staying in, either a good book or a video.

Times like these I miss having someone to cuddle up with on the couch and watch a movie. Of course I’m sure that my muffin top doesn’t need the popcorn and soda that would surely compliment the movie, it would still be nice. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a boyfriend though, I decided to give myself a break after my last relationship failure.

My friend Sam met his girlfriend through one of those online sites and Jilly has always gone out on dates from there, up until recently. I think that she met her boyfriend no one of those sites but I can’t remember, I’ll have to ask her. Maybe since I’m stuck in tonight I’ll try my hand at online dating. I hope I can find someone with a nice smile, who will like my smile.



Go to a park, Enjoy nature

As was expected, Ami broke up with her boyfriend, and has been dragging all of her guy friends and girlfriends out on a non stop social wheel. Every night weekends included she’s had us doing something. On Monday there was trivia, on Tuesday we had battle of the sexes, Wednesday was wine down Wednesday, Thursday was ladies night and on the weekends we’ve been to Tampa/St Pete‘s and the Florida keys. It’s hard to say whether she’s making up for lost timing or just trying not to think about her breakup, I can say that it’s been hell on my wallet and budget.

I’m still learning how to say the word no, and haven’t quite achieved it yet. I have improved though, last night I wanted some “me” time and didn’t want to go to a bar or club, so we followed the words of my fortune cookie and ended up at a park. In a weird way both of us won. Amelie didn’t have to deal with being alone yet and my wallet received a much-needed break.

I’ve always had a few girlfriends that disappear when they fall in love with the love of their life only to reappear when that love goes sour and they find themselves alone. One of the things i like about Amelie is that she was never one of those girls, so wrapped up in him that she neglected all of her friends. She’s always understood the importance keeping her friends and maintaining those relationships. She’s always made sure to have a girls night and go to lunch and she did it without dragging her ex along, which is why it’s easier to be there for her now.


Last night I did make a new friend though, I decided to call him Pete… He was so cute and not skittish at all. Maybe he can be my new shinning knight in armor. He stopped eating to follow us for a bit.


He definitely helped me to follow my fortune, “Go to a park, Enjoy nature”. After a few minutes he was very bored with us and our giggling so we parted as friends. I think he was disappointed that Amelie and I did not have any food for him. Who knows maybe we’ll meet again, so for now it’s onto the next fortune can’t wait to see what that is. Good bye Pete.

Rub a dub dub….

So after a miserable day at work my friend, Amelie, invited me to work out at her complex since they offer free fitness classes in the gym for residents. She wanted to work out and vent due to an argument with her boyfriend and on Wednesday nights they offer a “Yo-Pilates” class that actually makes you hurt the next day. We ended up having a grueling work out followed by girl talk over green iced tea.

As much as I would love to be in a relationship now, I know I’m a mess and listening to her made me wonder why she was in one as well. While I’m sure he has his good points, her latest rant makes him sound like a control freak who’s possible cheated on her. Why stay with someone like that? Of course I kept my mouth shut and didn’t voice that question but still…

This is why most of your friends and family members don’t like the people you date and marry, you tell them about all of the things they do to hurt you. I’m sure in Amelie’s case he’s done some pretty nice things or else they wouldn’t be dating, especially considering how picky she is.

Anyway, after the work out and girl talk I decided to follow-up on my latest fortune:


So tonight I’m going to have the tub and sometime this weekend I’m going to use my gift massage. Would you believe that I’ve never had a massage before? It always seemed too indulgent to buy one for myself, but my sister gave me one for my birthday in March, and the fortune cookie reminded me that I had it. I’m sure my muscle are going to hurt tomorrow, so bath for now and I’ll tell you how the massage goes later.

When it rains it pours,

Hi world I’m back it started with a computer virus and ended with a stolen notebook. June was a rough month for me.  The silver lining was that some of my eBay stuff finally sold and yours truly now has a computer again. I also have a few more fortunes to post about so stay tuned. 🙂

Where I’d like to be right now


Since a lot of the country is kind of rainy and dreary right now, thought I’d post a picture of where I’d like to be…

Somewhere under a beach umbrella in the sun with a cool beverage in hand.

Hope everyone stays dry and has a great weekend!

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